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Is This The Perfect Franklinton Duplex BRRRR???

Ever wanted to pull all your money out of a deal and have "the perfect BRRRR" as a part of your investment portfolio....well this might be your chance!

64 - 66 Wisconsin Ave in Columbus OH is a full gut duplex available north of broad street in close proximity to the new Cover My Meds campus, and the new Peninsula Development in Franklinton. While the numbers were ran as a long term rental this property does have a use case for both short and medium term rentals if that is your desired outcome. This would also be an incredible house hack.

Listing details:

Details of the deal are here:

64 - 66 Wisconsin Ave BRRRR numbers
Download PDF • 236KB

If this deal fits your investment criteria, reach out to me at and we will discuss an acquisition strategy.

As always if you have another deal you'd like me to take a look at please submit it via email to and I'll be happy to take a look.

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