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Schumacher Place BRRRR property

We found this property that has been on the market almost 90 days, needs serious repair, and is drastically over priced.....This is what we love as an investment.

- the home is listed too high for there to be enough margin for the next person to come in and repair the home and bring it up to par and livable.

- This is a project that only a few people are looking for.

- We backed into our numbers knowing that our ARV was about $600K and that our of that we'd be only able to pull out 80% so our all in budget for this exercise is $480K for acquisition and rehab.

472 E Whittier - BRRRR numbers
Download PDF • 239KB

Download PDF • 880KB

Reach out via if you'd like any additional information, or if you have a deal you'd like us to look at.

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