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Medium Term Rental BRRRR Across From The Hospital!

Property Summary - 1412 Phale D Hale Drive

- 2 bed 1 bath, 1,088 SF.

- Home needs repair and is a perfect BRRRR candidate.

- Location of home across the street from OSU east lends itself to a medium term rental use case.

Why I like it - Overall the location is strong for medium term rentals and for general appreciation on the east side of Columbus. The King Lincoln Bronzeville/Woodland Park areas continues to see large developments and revitalization. The location also has strong location fundamentals when relating to downtown, trendy areas, tourist attractions, and the airport.

What to watch out for - The home is small at only 1,000 SF and 2 bedrooms, so there must be intention and consideration behind the use case of the home and the final end user of the space.

1412 Phale D Hale Drive - Budgetary BRRRR
Download PDF • 233KB

The budgetary numbers for the project are above. If you'd like additional information or would like to explore the deal in more detail please reach out at

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